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From the beginning, we have always thought of this word. Innovate as a company, in people management, in agile and unbureaucratic processes, in technology, in the way of relating.

And so, since 2012, we are in Campinas, countryside of São Paulo, importing and distributing hospital products, serving the entire Brazilian territory.


To offer and make available high technology, quality and safety medical products that, together with the support and technical support of multidisciplinary professionals, can improve the quality of life and, whenever possible, assist in the healing and re-establishment of patients.


To be recognized as a reference in innovation, quality and excellence of service in the medical products segment throughout Brazil.


• Innovate to grow;
• Quality is the basis of all our processes and products;
• To provide a fair, safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and service providers;
• To promote the best shopping experience and relationship with our customers;
• To spread relevant scientific knowledge to the medical community and its supporters;
• Environmental responsibility;
• Comply with the requirements established by national and international legislation, fostering a more ethical society.



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